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Mega Man plushies hitting Japan this December!

Another week, another giveaway! So in case you dunno who Circle Entertainment are, they are the people that brought you games like Castle Conqueror, Witch & Hero, and The Legend of Dark Witch among many others on the 3DS eShop.

Now here is how it’s going to be - every day I’m gonna announce the games that I’m going to give away (here and on Twitter) for both NA and EU and you will have exactly 24 hours to enter for a chance to win.

So today I’m giving away 1 NA and 1 EU copy of Demon King Box :) Now for the rules:

1. Follow Circle Entertainment on Twitter
2. Follow moi on Twitter
3. RT this tweet if you wanna win a NA code
4. RT this tweet if you wanna win a EU code

Winners and the new games to be given away will be announced in 24 hours (7 pm CET and 2 pm ET). Good luck!

Art of Balance made its debut on the Wii as a Wiiware title in 2010 and was an instant hit. It was later released on the 3DS eShop in 2014 as Art of Balance Touch! and included a new mode as well as new stages. This time, Shin’en Games have released Art of Balance in high definition on the Wii U. How well does it stack up (no pun intended) against the previous versions?  Is it worth adding to your expanding Wii U eShop collection? Continue reading to find out.

Art of Balance is a physics-based puzzler. The premise is simple yet very addictive – you are tasked with stacking different shaped stones such as circles, crosses, etc and making them balance for at least three seconds. If a single stone falls into the pool of water below, you must re-think your strategy and try again. What I did find interesting is that there many ways of making the pieces balance, and how you approach a certain stage may be completely different to how a friend does.

Every now and then, you will encounter special stages where not only will you have to balance your collection of stones, you will also need to simultaneously satisfy another challenge. For example, you may require balancing your stones to achieve a certain height or balance them within a given time limit. While these special stages add an extra layer of challenge, there are only a few of them and I would have liked to see more of them throughout the game. As you progress, stages will become more challenging through the introduction of new stones with unique properties. For example, stones with a white center will shatter if anything is placed on top of them.

Controls are intuitive and accurate. The game can be played with a Wii Remote or the Wii U gamepad. If you decide to use the gamepad, you have the option of either using analog controls or the touch screen. You will be also be delighted to learn that off-TV play is supported and I found myself looking at the gamepad screen more than at the TV screen. The graphics and sounds come together to offer a calm and relaxing experience, one that meshes well with the style of gameplay.

Art of Balance on the Wii U hosts a number of modes. Arcade Mode has 200 stages distributed across 8 unique worlds. The stages in Arcade Mode are essentially what I have described thus far. In Tower Tumble, a local multiplayer mode, up to five players take turns to place a single stone on the structure. Whoever places a stone that causes the tower to come toppling down is the loser. Tower Tumble is a great addition and is definitely more fun the more people join in. There is also Swift Stacker, which is essentially the split screen mode that was available in the Wii version. However, this time, you can play Swift Stacker with others locally or online! Endurance Mode also makes a return but now with the addition of an online leaderboard. In this mode, you will play stages back to back and will be awarded points based on your performance. It is great that Shin’en Games have added an online leaderboard to this mode, as it did not really serve any purpose on the 3DS version, which lacked one.

Overall, I would say that Art of Balance on the Wii U is not just the HD version of the game, it is the definitive version. With 200 stages, off-TV play, numerous modes, and local as well as online multiplayer, the game will offer you hours and hours of pure fun and challenges. Art of Balance Wii U is currently available on the Wii U eShop for US$8.99/ €8.99/£7.15.


Look at what I arrived last week! A bunch of awesome looking accessories for the current 3DS XL (not the new 3DS XL, unfortunately)

So a couple of hard covers, pouches, and a case that can hold 12 game cartridges! :) and OH MY GOD, look at the design of the packaging (last photo) I can’t bring myself to throw it away. NOPE.

If you’re interested, they’re still available for purchase here


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Super Mario All Star Collection plushies. Yup.

So these will also be out in December (in addition to the Captain Toad plushies).

They are available in limited quantities so if you’re interested, you’d better hurry up and preorder here

Aren’t they just SO ADORABLE!? So yeah, these cuties will be out in Japan in December!

Preorder the standing Captain Toad here and the sitting Captain Toad here

Jibanyan tsumu-tsumu set! I’m not gonna lie - I have been secret hoping for a Jibanyan yet and it looks like the tsumu-tsumu gods have answered my prayers :D It’ll be out in Japan in December

Preorder yours here

Even more Yokai Watch accessories for the 3DS and 3DS XL! (If you missed the first wave, click here). There’s the Jibanyan 3DS XL pouch, 3DS XL plastic cover, 12-card case, cleaner cloths, drawstring bags, and rubber cleaners. These cuties will be released in Japan in December

Nintendo just announced the second wave of cover plates for the new 3DS. These will be out in Japan on November 21 and each will retail for 1,620 yen. Looks like all of them will be made of plastic

Btw, look closer at the camouflage ones - what do you see? ;)

I will update this post with preorder links asap