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So if you’re following me on Twitter (and if you’re not, you should do so IMMEDIATELY) I mentioned yesterday that I would do a new giveaway this week. Well, I’m happy to announce that I will be giving away TWO COPIES (North American, that is) of The Fall on the Wii U :D I know the game isn’t out in Europe yet. However, this giveaway is open to anyone who has a North American Wii U. So if you live in Europe and own a NA Wii U, for example, then you’re eligible to enter :)

In case you’re not familiar with The Fall, you play as an AI called ARID, who is activated when the human pilot is injured and requires immediate medical attention. What’s so great about The Fall is that it’s a blend of many different genres, such as point and click adventure games, puzzle games, platformers, etc. I’m currently playing through it and I cannot tell you enough how impressed I am with it :D

So, like my other giveaways, I prefer to keep things simple and as fair to everyone as possible. So here are the rules:

1. Follow Over the Moon Games
2. Follow me :@:@:@:@:@
3. RT this tweet and reply to it and tell me why you wanna win a copy of The Fall. Don’t worry, this isn’t a creativity contest. I just need a quick and simple reply :D please don’t send me an essay ;_:

And that’s all! I will be announcing the winners on Friday September 12 at 11 am ET so be sure to get your entry in as quickly as possible and good luck :D

We know about PDP’s gamecube controllers but now it looks like HORI are also releasing some controllers just in time for Smash Bros Wii U. Although there are no pictures yet, you’ll find below the product description:

Officially licensed by Nintendo. Take control of the action with the HORI Battle Pad Turbo for Wii U featuring Luigi themed colors and artwork. Perfect for fighting games such as Super Smash Bros, this control pad is similar to shape and function of the original Nintendo GameCube controller praised by Super Smash Bros fans around the world. Simply plug into your Wii U Remote and enjoy! Features short stroke L and R buttons, 3 Turbo settings, and a large D-pad. This controller can be used for Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro supported games and most Nintendo Virtual Console Games. Not compatible with Pro Controller titles. No motion control function. Wii U Remote not included.

The HORI controllers are set to release in NA on November 21… which may possibly be Smash Wii U’s release date.


Haha.. okay you got me there :D


Ugh alright I wasn’t quick enough but you won’t fool me again! :)


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I have just described to you my every playthrough of 1001 Spikes on the Wii U. Originally called Aban Hawkins & the 1000 Spikes and released as an Xbox Live Indie title, 1001 Spikes was later picked up and polished by Nicalis and released on multiple systems, including the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. 1001 Spikes is a puzzle platformer that only borrows the visuals and sounds of games from the 8-bit era, it also borrows the punishing hair-pulling difficulty.

You play as Aban Hawkins, an Indiana Jones-like fellow, and your adventure begins when Jim Hawkins, Aban’s estranged father, goes missing in the Antartic and leaves a map and a note behind. The note tells of a great treasure in the Ukampa Temple, prompting Aban to pack his knives and set off on his adventure.  

Like other 2D platformers, the objective is very simple: finish the stage in one piece. In 1001 Spikes, you will also need to grab a key to open a locked door and escape. Sounds simple, right? WRONG. 1001 Spikes gives you a false sense of security; you will look at the start screen of each stage, spot enemies, mentally map out your escape and think it’s a piece of cake. But it’s not until you start moving that you will realize how wrong you are. In a nutshell, everyone and everything is out for your blood. There are scorpions, spikes, wall-faces that shoot darts, falling platforms, and many many MANY more hazards, many of which you will not notice until it is too late and you are, obviously, dead. Oh and did I mention that you die in a single hit? No? Did I also mention that there are no checkpoints in stages? While you may be used to rushing through platformers to get to the finish line, in 1001 Spikes, patience, a razor-sharp memory, and quick reflexes are crucial to survive this mind-numbing adventure. The good news is, unlike other platformers, you start out with 1,000 lives and you will have the opportunity to earn more throughout the game.

Although controls are limited, you will be *very* happy to know that they are very precise and responsive. Aban can throw three knives at a time and can jump a low jump as well as a high jump. Throwing knives is not only necessary to kill enemies, but to also hit switches and counter darts thrown your way. Thus, none of the deaths will feel “cheap”. In fact, I would go so far as to say that 1001 Spikes is one of the best controlling games I have played in a long time.

There are six worlds with each world having five to seven stages. The first world serves as a tutorial to allow you to get a grasp of the controls and get a feel of what the game is like. Most stages, after being mastered, will only take anywhere from thirty seconds to a minute to complete. But mastering each stage will take much longer than that. Stages will steadily get harder and you will notice a spike in difficult after completing the second world. Whereas stages in world two may take twenty to thirty tries to complete, later stages will take much as much as a hundred tries to complete. If you ever get stuck in a single stage, though, you have the option to skip it and return to it later.

In each stage in story mode, there is a golden skull, which although is sometimes almost impossible to grab, adds to the replay value. By collecting the golden skulls, you will unlock the arcade modes as well as new characters with unique abilities. These characters can be used in story mode and their unique skills utilized to see how they affect gameplay. Some characters are guest appearances from other indie games such as CommanderVideo of the BIT series. Other characters are homage to classic game characters such as “Mario Aban” who can shoot fireballs and stomp enemies. Although unlocking them is challenging, there’s nothing more rewarding than when a message onscreen appears that a certain character is now playable!

In addition to the story mode, there are three arcade modes: Tower of Nanaar, The Lost Levels, and The Golden Vase. These modes can be played solo or with friends, though I would say they are better suited for multiplayer fun. In Tower of Nannar, you will need to save a sacrifice girl. You will be given nine lives and you will need to navigate the different floors to reach the top while collecting golden coins along the way. The Lost Levels is more or less similar to the story mode; however, you are given fewer lives in a more challenging setting. Finally, in The Golden Vase, you compete against friends to see who collects the most gold in a limited time.

There’s no denying that 1001 Spikes is one of the most difficult games in recent years and that some gamers may be put off by its infuriating experience. But for those who are willing to give it a try, they will find a satisfying platformer with vast amount of content. If you decide to purchase it (as you should), do yourself a favor and extend your TV warranty. You know, just in case.


HORI are releasing the following Genshi Kyogre/Groudon Pokemon accessories for the 3DS and 3DS LL (nope, not the new ones!) later this month. There’s the TPU covers, hard pouches, and 24-card cases.

Preorder yours here

Haikyuu! 3DS LL cases and touch pens

Out in Japan later this month

The Monster Hunter 4G bundle is up for preorder!

The Monster Hunter 4G bundle is up for preorder!


PREORDERS ARE LIVE AND FOR A REASONABLE PRICE!!! Please use my link, you would be doing me a fav :)

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UPDATE: THEY’RE BACK IN STOCK GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: Preorder yours here 
Monster Hunter 4G new 3DS LL packaging!

UPDATE: Preorder yours here

Monster Hunter 4G new 3DS LL packaging!